3D Printed Soap Dispenser

I designed and printed a soap dispenser so that a local small business didn’t need to hold a funnel for over 8 minutes a bottle! That’s a big saving of time.

The Holder in Action!






  1. I first made a cardboard prototype, which was very loose and messy. Made with cardboard cut to shape and selotape. There’s a picture of this at the bottom of the page.
  2. I then measured the dimensions of this prototype and modelled a rough skeleton in CAD.
  3. I then tidied the CAD model up, ensured I measured the bottle for the holder so that it fit.
  4. I printed this overnight, it took 18 hours at 0.2mm 35% infill.
  5. Test!

More Pics

Cardboard Prototype Picture

The 3D Printer Progress

Written on January 30, 2020